Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Losing the weight

I decided to write about losing weight as well as infertility since they go hand in hand. Since I have begun all these treatments I have gained about 7 kilos of weight. I have decided to take a two months break to get myself back on track and lose those stubborn kilos. My first week back I lost 1.5 kilos, 2nd week nothing even though I did the same as first week just added exercise. I least now I am exercising regularly again. With all the treatments every time I think I am pregnant I have to stop. This third week has not been going so well. Shabbat was difficult. Sunday I had the worst sugar cravings the whole day until I gave in at night. Monday I ate at MCDONALDS!!!! My worst enemy. BUT Today is a new day. I havent worked out yet but I will. I can make the good choices to honor and respect my body.

On to bigger and better things...

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